Blakes Flannel Mouth (Armada, MI)

6.5% cider made with 100% MI apples Pint/$5.5

Central State Pamplemousse (Indy, IN)

4.5% rustic blonde ale with grapefruit Pint/ $5.5

Founders Rubaeus (Grand Rapids, MI)

5.7% raspberry ale 12oz / $5

Mad Anthony Apple Cider Sour (Fort Wayne, IN)

4.7% apple cider sour 12oz/ $6


Birdboy Strong Dark and Belgian (Ft Wayne, IN)

10%% dark Belgian ale 10oz/ $7.5

Fall City Classic Pilsner (Louisville, KY)

4.5% classic American pilsner Pint/ $3

Founder’s 3 rd and Lager (Grand Rapids, MI)

5.9% hoppy and tropical pale wheat Pint/ $5

Hop River Maestro (Ft Wayne, IN)

5.8% award winning Vienna lager! Pint/ $6

Summit City Brewerks Brown (Ft Wayne, IN)

6% American Brown 12oz/ $6


Bells Two Hearted (Kalamazoo, MI)

7% American IPA Pint/ $5

Founders All Day IPA (Grand Rapids, MI)

4.7% session IPA Pint / $4.5

Junk Ditch Kelly RIPA (Ft Wayne, IN)

6.5% red IPA Pint/ $6

Sun King Osiris (Indy, IN)

5.6% west coast style pale ale Pint/ $6

Sun King SKB (Indy, IN)

6.5% American IPA Pint/ $6

Trubble Grind Crimes (Ft Wayne, IN)

6% rye pale ale with Conjure coffee 12oz/ $6.5


Founders Curmudgeon’s Better Half (GR, MI)

12.7% maple-bourbon barrel BA old ale 10oz / $7

Founders Dirty Bastard (Grand Rapids, MI)

8.5% Founders’ flagship Scotch ale 12oz / $5

Guardian Frank the Tank (Muncie, IN)

7% coffee stout Pint / $6

North Coast Old Rasputin NoS (Ft. Bragg, CA)

9% Imperial Stout 12oz / $5

Triton Smores (Indy, IN)

5.5% NoS decadent dessert stout 10oz/ $6